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About Us

Saddles & Lace BoutiqueHey You – The idea for Saddles & Lace was formed in 2011, shortly after I became a mother. I had moved back home, to small town USA with a successful career on the corporate ladder, a recent divorce, a beautiful baby girl and a LOVE of LIFE!   Founded in 2014, I am excited to finally share my love with you through Saddles & Lace.           Shop  – Whether you share my pleasure in the simplicity of life, the quest for freedom from convention, or a passion for travel and laughter, I am glad that you are here.  Please take a look at my blog, but do not forget to shop!  Part of my vision for Saddles & Lace is to handpick unique pieces of clothing and accessories that embody a breath of fresh air from an open country field with that jolt of energy that you get from sidewalks and strangers.          Blog – Saddles & Lace Blog will take you on an adventure that spans a 6th generation working ranch in the middle of no-where Washington state, right over the heartland and into some of the nations vibrant cities.  I will take you on a tour of the simple joys of life; a home brewed cup of coffee in my cozy home office or a fresh squeezed mojito in Miami.  You’ll learn how it is just as satisfying to throw on an old tee shirt and jeans on my way to a barrel race as it is to zip up a ball gown for a formal dinner in a presidential ballroom in downtown Chicago.  Or how the most sweet of county boys can steal your heart with charm and leaving you craving adventure, whereas the most stunning world traveled entrepreneur can leave you with the longest yearning for the simplicity of home.  Whatever your reason for reading, I hope you like it.