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Washington Boutique Of The Year Winner!

Home On Tanglewood Ranch

Washington State Best Overall Boutique Winner.
and Best Online Boutique Winner.

Honestly, truly, word will never explain what it feels like.  After three enjoyable years of relentless research on how to build and grow an online boutique, I feel like we finally have made some ground.  If I could count the times that I wanted to throw in my hat, wondering what I was doing... each of those doubts have been quietly snuffed out by being recognized as Washington States Best Overall and Online Boutique. 

The beginning of 2017 was a time that I started focusing more on you, the girls that love Saddles & Lace. I started listening to what you like rather than what I wanted you to like, and stopped spending money on photographers and Facebook 'like' campaigns and began passing those savings on to you, our customer.  I started offering free shipping on all orders, because, well everyone loves free shipping.  I starting purchasing items in larger quantities so that you could rely on us having stock for longer than just a few days.  And Saddles & Lace started collaborating with some of the greatest western lifestyle fashion bloggers and sister boutiques. Typically June is known as a very slow month in retail, but instead Saddles & Lace had it's best month ever!

After June's wild success, I struggled to keep up with everything; the day job, the new engagement, wedding planning, the Jr rodeos, the jackpot barrel races, etc. so I deliberately took my foot off of the gas pedal. 

During July and August, I focused on my family.  Recently engaged and soon to be married, my daughter and I just moved ourselves and the business across the state to be with our future Mr. Gatsby (I call him that because he lives big).  I shipped my horse out to a friend of mine so she could fine tune his attitude and get him on the road, we wrapped up the last few Jr. rodeos of the year, and I took a much needed, deep breath! *deep sigh*

Our Crazy Goofy Life

I am coming back from this hiatus, recharged and more determined than ever!  I am even more resolute to grow and curate unique items that will keep you engaged and in love with our store.  Announcing the Boutique Hub winners could not have came at a better time, to remind me that we are doing something really cool here.  Saddles & Lace is my passion project in a world where passion is critical to survival. Stay tuned as we grow and finish off 2017 in our strongest year so far! 

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