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Sitting Here Thinking About Summer

Home On Tanglewood Ranch

I am just sitting here missing summer time... Like badly!  Seriously, its been 35 F or below consistently for about three months now.  So I started looking at picture from summer and here we go.  

We are so blessed to have family.  Not just any family, but family that can teach the simplicity and importance of things like gardening and farming and playing in the dirty.  

A family that teaches us patience, because even the juiciest looking strawberries may not be just ready yet and teaches us about greed because the biggest squash in the garden may be a little over ripe.  

It teaches much about nature, because without winter, there would be no spring, and with no spring there would be no summer to bring us into fall and harvest.  So in full circle, I will just continue to sit here, with my fire burning, my 10 extra pounds from the sedentary lifestyle I adopt in the colder months, and sip my hot coffee from sun up til sundown. 
Because someday soon it will be summer.

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