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Saddles & Lace Desert Jewels

The Jewels

When asked if I wanted to collaborate on a photo shoot with Evelia with Evelia Photography... auhhhhhh, duh!!!  Of course, I said yes!

But if she would have asked me if I wanted to hike 1.5 miles, with about 50 lbs of clothing, on a 105 degree day, I might have said no.  But it was oh so worth it!  


We got to location, styled 8 outfits, girls got the hair and makeup done, met with the cinematographer, and packed our bags for the trek down the canyon. 

Three hours later, we were done!  And hot...and tired..

I mean, we were literally hanging out on a shale slide all day.  Have any idea how hot that feels when it is already 102 degrees outside?  Thankfully, no snake bites!  

And isn't Evelia just the most fabulous little creature you have ever seen?  

Stay tuned for the rest of the shots! 

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